D'Art Chocolate - 3 Amazing Uses Of Chocolate That You Didn't Know!

D’Art Chocolate is famous for artistic product creation, despite that we also focus on making chocolate bar - one of the most precious pearls with its hidden beauty. So, to find out why D’Art is that fascinated by chocolate bar let’s have a look at all the benefits it can offer.


  1. Non-limited Pairing

Chocolate is not simply food anymore, it’s gourmet’ soulmate. In term of culinary arts, chocolate has been a close companion whenever we bake any cake recipes, or even pair with meat or fish.

It's familiar to melt shredded chocolate bar to make the cake’s filling or decorate. There is a wide range of chocolate cakes that has stolen millions of hearts like chocolate mousse, brownie, pudding, or chocolate bar can be used to make other types of chocolate like Bonbons, Neapolitans.

Bánh Brownie làm kết hợp chocolate

Recently, the chocolate creation in cuisine has been flourished, many famous chefs vary dark and white chocolate premium bar to make wonderful marinade to soak pork or beef, also white chocolate makes an excellent sauce for salmon and caviar, which makes taster hardly forget.

Cá hồi sốt sô cô la trắng Sô cô la trắng với trứng cá tầm

To mention chocolate pairings, one of the legendary pairs is chocolate with wine. Wine and chocolate are famous for many similar characteristics such as silky and soft texture; the hidden secret sweet spots that challenge the tasters to explore, or intension matching. Together they make a terrific flavor relationship.

Sô cô la kết hợp với rượu vang

Besides wine, chocolate is also paired with tea and coffee, depending on the taster’s preference. No matter how diverse the drink is, chocolate bar will somehow fit in by its own style.

  1. Great health advantages

Because of holding high amount of Magie and flavanol ingredient, dark chocolate functions as anti – depression medicine, it prevents many dangerous cardiovascular diseases like heart stroking or lower blood pressure. It also supports brain function to reduce stress and pressure. The majority of therapist advise us to use dark chocolate daily to keep a healthy body.

Những lợi ích về sức khỏe mà sô cô la mang lại

  1. Most popular gifts in special occasions


The true is that chocolate bar not just provides superb flavors in cuisine usages, it is the symbol of love, happiness, and loyalty. So, that’s why chocolate becomes a popularly meaningful present on every occasion of the year: Valentine, International Women Day, Mother’s Day, etc.


Now you see the general advantages of a chocolate bar, it’s deserved to be honored as the most valued chocolate with the fairest price.

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