1. What's so special about chocolate bombs?

There’s one factor having caused “explosion” everywhere on viral platforms – Chocolate Bomb. This chocolate satisfies our feeling and eyes by the interesting chocolate booming experience. That's also the reason it goes viral around the globe.

2. How does it work?

Chocolate bomb is a sphere shape containing cocoa powder with mini marshmallow. After pouring hot milk or hot water to the bomb, a cup of delicious hot chocolate will be ready to be served, which is almost everyone’s favorite drink.

Sô cô la bom chứa đựng những kẹo ngọt và hoa thơm, làm nên 1 ly sô cô la nóng thơm ngon khó cưỡng

3. What is chocolate bomb made of?

Chocolate bomb’s shells are usually made of white or black chocolate, it depends on personal preferences. Besides the main parts like marshmallow and cocoa powder, there are other ingredients to make up the bomb’ smell. The smell and the flavor are very important criteria to decide whether the bomb is rare or exclusive.

không chỉ có marshmallow và bột cacao, sô cô la bom D'Art còn có những note vị độc đáo mang lại sự khác biệt

4. How many kinds?

There are various kinds of chocolate bomb, they’re classified into flavors, chocolate shell or the theme of decoration, etc. The most popular ones are white, milk or dark chocolate shell with cocoa powder and marshmallow. Another kind is much more delighted, called , called gourmet flavour in which there are more effort in pairing the ingredients,  some of the famous flavours are gingerbread, cereal cocoa, white chocolate peppermint or red velvet. You can find more other flavors of gourmet flavor here https://www.dartchocolate.com/en

Lấy cảm hứng từ 4 yếu tố trong tự nhiên, 4 phiên bản sô cô la bom của D'Art được chế tác công phu để mang lại sự hòa quyện tột đỉnh về hương vị

5. Where to buy chocolate bombs?

Chocolate bomb has been a booming trend since the end of 2020 in America, it spread to other continents via social platforms. That's why Vietnamese people might have not tried chocolate bomb yet. But don’t worry, this month D’art comes back bringing a strong determination with chocolate bomb, we specify 4 bombs depicted as 4 elements of nature. This is the hottest and rarest edition of the year with unique flavours that will surprise the tasters. Check out D’Art's chocolate bomb collection here: https://www.dartchocolate.com/en

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