Easter gift guide: Easter is not complete without chocolate!

If you're looking for an epic Easter gift this year, then look no further! D'Art Chocolate has everything you need for your Easter egg hunt, including bunny, bonbon, and a selection of eggs in a variety of sizes, from small to egg-xtra large size!

Bag of Eggs Gift box box features the best of the Easter’s spirit with not only is full of color but also filled with musical surprise! Whether you want to treat the little kids but monitor their chocolate intake, or buy a bunch and share them amongst your children’s mates, these sweet eggs are egg-xcellent to start with !

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Big Easter egg: Crack open this egg-xtra sized chocolate egg and you';ll find sweet dragee covered with chocolates inside. A treasure chest for true chocoholics!

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Easter Hunt gift box: Hop to the Easter egg hunt with Pinky Bunny with a compact Egg Hunt reimaged in a classic white box.

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And last but not least, choose among the variety of bonbon because Easter without chocolate is like a picture without color! Get the special Easter limited edition bonbon which arre adorned with caramel and pralines!

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In addition, Save the Earth this Easter and bring your own basket to our store, and get 10k off with a minimum purchase of 100k! You can fill your egg cartons or little baskets with Easter egg🥚 , Easter bunnies🐰, and even other chocolates!

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