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This article as a collaboration between D’Art Chocolate and Mick’s Wines for World Chocolate Day 2021

In celebration of ‘World Chocolate Day’ held each year on 7th July, 𝐃’𝐀𝐫𝐭 𝐂𝐡𝐨𝐜𝐨𝐥𝐚𝐭𝐞𝐬 and 𝐌𝐢𝐜𝐤'𝐬 𝐖𝐢𝐧𝐞𝐬 are collaborating to introduce some pairings of our best selling chocolate and wines.

For the love of chocolate! While we have to go through a hard time due to pandemic, don’t forget to spend some time at home to relax, gather your family for a decadent wine and chocolate pairing tasting party. Here are many wine and chocolate pairings - along with why they work - so you can experiment and create your own.

1/ Canti Prosecco ICE & Mint Pomelo Bonbon / Lime White Neapolitan 

Canti Prosecco ICE is a pleasantly dry and fruity sparkling wine made from the Glera (Prosecco) grape. The colour is pale straw yellow, the aroma is characteristic of the Glera grape. The flavour is aromatic, warm, soft, with good freshness. Brilliant, fine and consistent bubbles with good persistence, pour on ice cubes, you can garnish with mint leaves and blackberries to make this the perfect sparkling wine for a party.

D’Art highly recommend our homemade Mint Pomelo Bonbon as an excellent pair with this Prosecco. The combination of mint and pomelo brings you a refreshing sensation to your mouth and a creamy finish of white chocolate.

If you are not a fan of mint, another recommendation from us is Lime White Neapolitan. Let the fresh citrus notes of lime zest tingle your tastebuds before creamy caramel notes of white chocolate finishes with a linger of jasmine tea!

2/ Canti Bio-Organic Prosecco & Apple Mat Khen Bonbon/ Pomelo Dark Neapolitan

This delicious Prosecco from Italy was produced in accordance with Bio-Organic and Vegan standards. It has a pleasantly intense fruity aroma with notes of pear and apple, with the remembrance of wisteria flowers. The taste is well-harmonised, fresh, with a light note of sweet almond with a slightly mineral aftertaste with bright light straw yellow color, white and fine foam.

Apple Mat Khen brings an interesting twist to pair with Canti Bio-Organic Prosecco. Reminisce you about the apple pie, then you will love our apple filling seasoned with fragrant notes of Vietnamese Mat Khen!

The amazing Dark Pomelo Neapolitan with its seductively oriental - candied pomelo notes which brings out flavours of mint, chilli, citrus, smoky tea, and pepper will be an amazing companion for this Bio-Organic Prosecco. This combination is perfectly meant for savouring slowly!

3/ Alto Vuelo Estate, Sauvignon Blanc & Guava White Neapolitan

The vineyards privileged location with cold night influenced by mist, contrasting with clear and bright days, give rise to this delicate Sauvignon Blanc. Alto Vuelo Estate Sauvignon Blanc has a pale yellow colour with green and brilliant hues, the nose reveals lime and white peach aromas. A light fruity body with refreshing acidity.

Guava White Neapolitan can add in more notes to create a much more layer for this aromatized wine Succulent chunks of Guava brings a heady aroma of fresh tropical flowers and notes of tropical fruits, into a caramel and creamy finish!

4/ Canti Pinot Grigio Rose & Ruby Strawberry Marshmallow | Ruby Pink Peppercorn Neapolitan

Canti Pinot Grigio Rose is a refreshing Rose made with Pinot Grigio grapes with a Pale Pink colour has distinctive coppery hues. The aroma is characteristic of a Pinot Grigio with fresh, soft and delicate flavours of fresh peach and strawberry.

D’Art recommends our Ruby Strawberry Marshmallow Bonbon, which is also a special collaboration with Orlar! The sweet Dalat grown strawberries and fluffy marshmallows combine with each other to create a strawberries and cream experience!

To get an even more surprising pairing experience, you might want to try our Ruby Pink Peppercorn NeapolitanA floral burst from specially selected Pink Peppercorns can highlight the fruity and creamy notes from Ruby Chocolate will wake up all your tastebuds!

5/ Canti Barbera d’Asti & Cappuccino Dark Bonbon/ Coffee Dark Neapolitan

Canti Barbera d'Asti Superiore DOCG is made from the Barbera grape variety (90-100%), with the permitted addition of local red grapes (0-10%). This is a Ruby red wine which turns to garnet red with age. The scent is intense and characteristic with a tendency to become more ethereal with age. The taste is dry and become more mellow with age while the wine is more full-bodied, harmonious and pleasant.

Cappucino Dark Bonbon is a shockingly good pairing to this Barbera. Real espresso and cream are introduced into dark chocolate ganache - experience the smoky note of fresh roasted coffee and velvety cream melting in your mouth!

If you are looking for a perfect alternative, Coffee Dark Neapolitan is what you need! French roasted arabica rushes to the fore, creating a marriage of fragrant bitter notes and sour aromatics, carried by waves of buttery cacao cream.


6/ Alto Vuelo Estate, Syrah Reserva & Chilli Milk Neapolitan

This Syrah Reserva wine is a true reflection of the best of the Casablanca valley. The magnificent fruit with which Alto Vuelo Estate is made gives it a great concentration and intensity of flavours that stand out. To achieve this the winery selected the best grapes from the vineyards and vinified carefully in addition to the six months in oak barrels.

Featuring Dong Thap Chillis - Vietnam’s most prized, complex, and spiciest chillis. Milk Chili Neapolitan is a battle in your mouth as milk chocolate fights to hold back the growing heat!

And remember, there is no right or wrong in pairing. The goal of a great wine pairing is to balance the tastes in the chocolate and wine so that the subtle flavors can beautifully emerge and you can understand more about the wine thanks to the notes of the chocolate. Go ahead, try and let us know which pairing is your favorite!

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