Working from home? Here’s how to maintain your team's working spirit away from Office!

Working from home seems to be a part of reality now - whether as part of a pandemic lockdown, or a longer-term work strategy adopted by Corporate companies. While this is a good move to help improve social safety - the tension of the pandemic, coupled with the lack of interaction with the team, can mean a reduction in work efficiency and the team’s morale.

D’Art Chocolate understands that as team leader, or even as team members - these issues must be a cause for concern to you and your team. Read on for some interesting suggestions that you can apply to your team right away to keep your team going!

1. Happiness shared is happiness multiplied - Time-off together

While the business focus of working from home is on productivity and making sure timelines and targets are met whilst away, it’s important not to forget that this is only possible with managing your team’s well-being. Rest and relaxation are important drivers to keep people happy and able to cope with stress.

This is especially effective if leaders can get the team involved together in this. There are many articles online for this, such as "5 Friday Team Building Activities"

We especially like the idea of a Happy Virtual Friday for the team to meet up and connect in a non-work requirement. A quick hour (or two!) in the late afternoon - where the team can share some virtual drinks and food while talking about their challenges and stories from the week, would go a long way in building a sense of belonging, and even rebuild much-needed personal connections in this period.

Virtual hanging out with the team

Why not make your next Team Friday special with D'Art Chocolate's hot bomb chocolate, or enjoy a our wineand chocolate combo. These great-tasting products will drive exciting conversation amongst the team, and don’t forget a virtual “we-fie” to keep the memories! 

2.  A team that thinks together, wins together - shared activities.

During normal times, simple things - like planning where to go for lunch together - are the small building blocks that encourage strong mutual understanding, and enforces group think. It is important to replicate and maintain such opportunities together during the time working apart.

Team challenges can be effective in maintaining these behaviours. This can come in the form of something simple as planning the next team event, to interactive challenges such as creating recipes and sharing them during weekly sessions. What matters most is creating excitement in the challenge, a time for sharing online, and maybe even a prize to reward the hard work put in!

Chocolate Pasta for Lunch

The fact that everyone is learning to be a home chef during the pandemic presents a great opportunity. D’art Chocolate offers interesting ingredients (such as cacao powder, chocolate callets, and even cacao teas and nibs) coupled with recipes that provide you and your team infinite fun and creative opportunities. Challenge your team to come up with brownies, cookies, chocolate cakes or even their own creations - the winner gets to pick the next challenge!!

3. Borderless Celebrations - cos your thoughts are the best gifts!

 Being apart is never easy - and making time for celebration is the key to keeping us closer.

Exciting with Secret Birthday's Gift 

 One of the most simple yet important celebrations is your teams’ birthdays. Pick a specific day in the month to throw a birthday party online - everyone who has a birthday in that month will be sent a surprising present from everyone else and of course from the leader as well. It must be very fun to see everyone faces through a small screen on the computer and excitably wait for the present opening section.  

Sending a Birthday's Gift as the care

During this time, it’s suitable for people to choose a present that is good for health, like dark chocolate which is not only good at improving heart condition, but also a sweet treat produces endorphins and also helps people happy everyday. Or for someone who is really into partying, D'Art Wine Collection  is curated by our sommelier partners to satisfy any wine lovers!

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