Dare to pair!! An Easter Day chocolate pairing!

From now until Easter Sunday 12 April, any wine pairing sets (1 wine + 1 chocolate bar) from the 4 pairings below are at 20% off! And as a bonus, we will give you another bar of our premium chocolate absolutely free!

It's that time of year again for Easter! For some, Easter signifies a time of resurrection and new beginnings, for others it's a time of celebration with food, and exciting Easter egg hunts.

While this year's Easter Celebrations may be marred by the loom of the Covid lockdown, there's no reason to gloom! In keeping with the spirit of Easter, let’s look forward to the revival of the economy and our social lives, and take a day out to enjoy Easter! Here at D'art, we've put together a list of Chocolate and wine pairings to do just that!

Ruby Chocolate with Talamonti Rosé

Starting with a really special pairing featuring the Ruby Chocolate that's exclusive to D’art Chocolate. The world's 4th chocolate bring a new dimension to the chocolate world - with a palate of fresh soft field strawberries and creme fraiche. The natural pink blush is achieved by the reduced fermentation of cacao beans, preserving the natural pinkish hue, as well as locking in the lighter, fruitier flavours of cacao.

To this new wonder of nature, we have created a marriage this season with our Talamonti Cerasuolo Abruzzo Rosé - an unusual italian Rosé made from the Montepulciano grapes of Abruzzo (a famous varietal officially granted DOC in 1968) - but given a modern touch where the skins were taken off and macerated for a short period of time (see the similarity with Ruby chocolate?). The result is a brilliantly beautiful wine that was recognised with a DOC only as recently as 2010, but already had many people talking about it.

Medium strawberry in hue, this Cerasuolo shows a density of cherry coulis, strawberry, and creams on the nose, with accents of cedar and slightly peppery herbs. Raspberry, blackberry, cherries and red fruit fills out the palate when drinking, and finished on a pleasant acidity that welcomes the strawberries and cream of our Ruby Chocolate.

54% dark milk Chocolate with Parés Baltà Mas Petit

Next up, we have the crowd favourite - milk chocolate! This season, we propose a slightly hardier, and healthier, 54% dark milk chocolate made exclusively with our Single Origin Vietnamese Cacao from Ben Tre. Rich in cream, you immediately feel the buttery texture and pleasant notes of almond and hazelnuts coming forth. Nutmeg, tobacco, and milk coffee round off the experience - leaving you satisfied yet lingering for more!

Going along the healthier theme - we paired this with a Bio-organic spanish wine, the Parés Baltà‘s Mas Petit. The origin of the Parés Baltà Vineyards goes back to 1790s but today, all of their wines are certified as organic and their vineyards are biodynamic. In this Mas Petit, the softest Cabernet Sauvignon is combined with delicate and aromatic Garnatxa to create their most classical red wine that is round and seamless. Displaying a deep, dark garnet colour - the nose is full of spice and smoke, along with blackberry, black olive, dried herbs and vanilla. The palate is medium-bodied and soft, with blackberry flavours along with pepper spice, more black olives and a touch of oak. Lots of berries and spice round off the finish with a final wrap of dusty tannins and a subtle touch of earthiness, pairing harmoniously with the buttery texture of our dark milk chocolate.

40% white Chocolate with Swartland Chardonnay

For those that loves de-stressing with a simple indulgence - look no further than our Single Origin Ba Ria 40% white cacao. Using only pure and natural cacao butter, you’re introduced to a sensory treat of rich heavy cream perfumed by a light floral scent. Familiar notes of caramel and vanilla notes follow, coating the tongue slowly, before giving way to light hints of peaches and Rosé.

In pairing with white chocolate - we went for a vision of Pina Colada on the beach - a perfect setting for relaxation! We picked a sunny South African Chardonnay from Swartland, which is situated north of Cape Town, benefitting from the constant cool breezes that blow off the Atlantic Ocean, and sustaining the many microclimates that adds dimension to the fruit character. With low production of only 6 to per hectare from young bushvines and harvested later only at full-ripe stage, this wine is fresh yet boasts intense, fully ripe Chardonnay flavours. The creamy, butterscotch is supported by lime flavours, full and rich on the palate with lingering zingy aftertaste of creamy citrus, mixing well with our white chocolate for a perfect Pina Colada anytime!

100% dark Chocolate with Terra Mazzei

And finally, onto my most difficult (and possibly most favourite) pairing - Dark Chocolate and wine! We've bravely gone for a 100% Dark Single Origin chocolate from Ben Tre - a surprisingly less bitter 100% that is well-balanced by the slight presence of pure cacao butter. Bold flavours of toasted bread, tobacco, and smoked wood opens up the nose and palate. Digging deeper, you’ll find tannins reflecting apple cider, and notes of yeasty fermentation that is slightly hoppy. Perfect of pairing with even espresso, or dark beers!

With such complexity in the chocolate - it was only right that we matched with a wine that had a matching complexity in their story as well as the wine. With 24 generations across almost 600 years – Marchesi Mazzei is not only one of the most illustrious vineyard in Italy, but also has a part in American history – befriending and inspiring Thomas Jefferson, who wrote the declaration of independence in 1776. Today, Marchesi Mazzei creates sustainably grown wines focusing on biodiversity and organic methods. From this family, we picked the Terra Mazzei - a blend of vintage worthy Sangiovese, Alicante Bouschet, Nero d'Avola, and Merlot that brings the best of Tuscany in an approachable fashion. This is an intense and fragrant red wine with vibrant notes of berries, fragrant whiffs of wood and spice, and a character that is fresh and pleasantly tannic - yet strong enough to carry through the richness of the 100% dark chocolate.


All wine pairings were made in conjuction with our partner sommeliers at Vinifera, and have been presented at our public events and masterclasses - now you can re-create the experience at home with these pairing sets!

From now until Easter Sunday 12 April, any wine pairing sets (1 wine + 1 chocolate bar) from the 4 pairings below are at 20% off! And as a bonus, we will give you another bar of our premium chocolate absolutely free!

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