D'Art Chocolate | Chocolate Bomb and stories of "explosive" flavors

Chocolate is art and art is not static, so we're welcome the newest generation of hot chocolate, however, in a much more creative version –chocolate bomb.
At D’Art Chocolate, we’d love to work on creating the magic of flavour and with chocolate bomb, we want to do more than just cocoa powder and marshmallow. That why D’art’s chocolate bomb is filled with vibrant colors and surprising ingredients.

1. The Passionate Fire

For those that have no hesitation to encounter the uncommon things, fire chocolate bomb is best example for the next things they should go for. Fire bomb is made with Korean red chilli, candied ginger, peppermint oil – which will level up the spice note.
What challenging about making this creation is how to balance the spice level, there shouldn’t be too much of it to better represent a hot cup of chocolate. Difficult as it is, however D’art chocolatier promises to bring you a surpringly explosive experience.

Bom sô cô la lửa (Fire Bomb Chocolate)

2. The Flow Of Pure Water

To create Water chocolate bomb, D’Art has to think of which ingredient to make your first sip grow wildly as the flow of the water. The unexpected combination between cocoa powder, parmesan cheese and Horlick powder has better portraited the majestic beauty of the endless flow of water. We also add in some dried pea flower to make the natural blue color once you pour the milk over.

Sô cô la bomb nước (Water Chocolate Bomb)

 3. The Relaxing Flow Of Air

After the breathtaking fire and water, Air bomb will bring you a chance to wander around the wonder. To make the best to recharge yourself after a long working day. Relaxing will come along by beautiful aroma from rose petal and the subtle sweetness of lychee, intentionally added by D’Art Chocolatier to bring you the most healing moment of the day.

Sô cô la Bomb không khí (Air Chocolate Bomb)

4. The Tiny Little Earth

What kind of explosion can happen to the Earth? Earth is a breathtaking element that makes it very challenging for D’Art to redesign into a tiny little bomb version. But we made it!
Earth bomb is the art of showing the generosit. Coconut cream and chocolate powder are the base to make Earth bomb contain richness in flavour. We also add in coffee powder, pomelo, ginger, cocoa nibs and coconut bits to represent the diversified natural resources the mother Earth has given us.
With this tiny little Earth, D’Art hopes to drive the love to this real planet in any people. Remember that we are receiving more than enough thanks to the embracing of Mother Earth.

Sô Cô La Bom Đất (Earth Chocolate Bomb)

"Tasting is believing." If you are so curious to get to know the above flavors, D'Art Chocolate website has opened for sales the first 2 limited edition, Water and Fire bomb! Quickly order since these bombs are on sales for a short time! 

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