Ways to cheer your special women on Women's Day 8/3

International Women’s Day (Ngày Quốc Tế Phụ Nữ) is observed on 8th March every year and is a huge event in Vietnam as this is an opportunity to pay homage to all the women around the globe and thank them for the commendable role they play in everyone's life. Not just for gentlemen to show appreciation to their female significant others, this is also a day when companies cherish their female employees with flowers, female friends exchange gifts with one another, and we surprise our moms and grandmothers with thoughtful gifts to show them how much we care.


Everyone has certain women in their lives that they cannot do without; she can be your mother, sister, wife or best girlfriend. It is important to address each one of them on this day; congratulate them and thank them for their contribution to our society. So if you are stumped for ideas about what women’s day gifts to give to the lovely ladies in your life, we have a great solution for you; chocolate gifts. Check out D’Art list of creative gifts for International Women’s Day – or any special occasion – for ladies of all ages!


Xem qua ngay những món quà socola độc đáo từ D'Art Chocolate cho ngày Quốc Tế Phụ Nữ - hoặc là bất kỳ dịp đặc biệt nào khác cho người bạn yêu thương.


For your most special woman!


Getting women’s day gifts for your female significant other is extremely important. We would recommend opting for a heart shaped box filled with all the special flavors chosen by our chocolatiers.

Chocolate box heart-shaped

You can also choose our limited edition “A Heart Full of Love” and add a small note with a sweet message to make her day. We can guarantee that this is the best gift for women. Essentially it is a card and chocolate combined into one!

smashable chocolate heart


For Your Best Friends


If you have some amazing lady friends in your life and you want to let them know how much you appreciate their friendship, giving them women’s day gifts would go a long way in expressing this sentiment. Bringing them a box of Neapolitan chocolate will be a great option as you can share the chocolate while hanging out at your favorite coffee.

Socola Neapolitan D'Art Chocolate

For Your Colleagues

Your colleagues are also very important as they will accompany you all the way on your daily works. You can order a batch of art chocolates with a sweet women’s day message for your female colleagues. This would make for the best gift for women in your office and will surely put a smile on their face!


And don't forget, let’s embrace our inner women!


Anyone of us will have a part of femininity inside that needs to be acknowledged and cherished too! Get yourself something too while browsing through the collection of D’Art Chocolate.

Socola quà tặng premium

Find out more about D’Art Chocolate's collection at: International Women's Day collection March 8

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