True Love, Real Ruby - Give your love the Gift of the 4th Chocolate in the world this Valentine's day!

“love is truth, discovery, and the joy in sharing both.”

Celebrate true love with us as D’art presents the exclusive launch of Ruby Chocolate in Vietnam in partnership with Ruby Callebaut – the creators of the world’s fourth chocolate.

Ruby Tasting Wheel

Using exclusively RB1 grade ruby - reserved for only the top chocolatiers – experience this true miracle of nature with no added berry flavours, colour, or additives. With an intense fruitiness of strawberries and berries, and lush, creamy notes of yoghurt and crème fraiche – this versatile treat pairs perfectly with champagne, gin, floral teas, and buttery confectioneries. Experience the depth of its unique taste with pairings such as wasabi, caviar, camembert cheese etc. It’s hard not to fall in love!

Ruby stamp

Ruby cocoa beans are 100% sustainably sourced and Cocoa Horizons certified, which works directly with farmer groups, supporting their training and empowering farmers to excel in their craft. Ruby chocolate also respects the UTZ standards – ensuring our love goes back to the earth as well!

Read the press release of the Exclusive Launch Partnership of Ruby Chocolate in Vietnam between D'art Chocolate and Callebaut.

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