The magic of Strawberries and Chocolate!

This article is written in conjunction with Orlar Vietnam for World Chocolate Day 2021

Strawberries and chocolates - who knew they were so perfect for each other?

Both are symbols of indulgence and love - who doesn''t love receiving Chocolate or Strawberries on a romantic date? But beyond the emotions, both Strawberries and Chocolates are amazing for the body as well, being high in anti-oxidants and trace minerals!

Socola D'Art Chocolate và Dâu tây Orlar
While most people are familiar with strawberries with Dark chocolate and Milk Chocolate, perhaps it's time to move to an even more indulgent pairing for strawberries - with White Chocolate and the new Ruby Chocolate!
Orlar Strawberries and D'art Vietnam Single Origin White Chocolates 

Ever heard of strawberries and cream? That's what you are going for in this pairing - the higher percentage of milk in white chocolates provides that creamy texture, with the additional floral notes of cacao butter. You can simple eat them together, or for a treat, melt some white chocolate with some cream and Cognac or Cointreau for an amazing dip for your delicious and nutritious Orlar strawberries!

White Chocolate from D'Art Chocolate and Strawberry from Orlar

Orlar Strawberries and D'art Ruby Chocolates

Ruby Chocolate Ruby offers an intense sensorial delight, a totally new taste experience: neither bitter, milky or sweet, but a tension of fresh berry fruitiness and luscious smoothness. Enjoy a bite of D'art Chocolate's Ruby Chocolate bar with a luscious and fresh Orlar strawberries, and enjoy the interplay of sweet berry notes with tart mouth-watering sensation! For a special occasion, pair your strawberries with D'art Chocolate's special Ruby Chocolate infused with Pink peppercorn - creating an additional spicy and floral layer that is perfect with a chilled Rose wine!!!!
So go ahead and start experiencing the wonders of strawberries and chocolate pairing - especially with Orlar's strawberries grown locally in Dalat on Orlarocks imported from Australia, that promises a safe, non-contaminating growth environment, that delivers safe, nutritious produces for you and your family. Pair it perfectly with D'art Chocolates, which have been made by local artisans for a decade, using only premium grade Vietnamese cocoa, and using no preservatives nor artificial preservatives.

Ruby Chocolate D'Art Chocolate and Orlar Strawberry

Choose your favorite chocolate bar to pair with strawberry at D'Art Chocolate or call us via hotline 028 6274 2078 for our assistance.

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