• Ways to cheer your special women on Women's Day 8/3

    International Women’s Day (Ngày Quốc Tế Phụ Nữ) is observed on 8th March every year and is a huge event in Vietnam as this is an opportunity to pay homage to all the women around the globe and thank them for the commendable role they play in everyone's life. Check out D’Art list of creative gifts for International Women’s Day – or any special occasion – for ladies of all ages!
  • Choose a unique New Year's gift from D'Art Chocolate

    D'Art Chocolate product this year will be built on the idea of the Golden Ox bringing you the gift of prosperity and fortune. After a year with many obstacles, everyone is looking forward to a new year with prosperity and fortune.

    You can refer to some products from D'Art Chocolate to choose the best gift for your relatives and friends in this Tet!

  • Hương vị tri ân 20/10 - Tôn vinh người phụ nữ Việt Nam cùng D'Art Chocolate

    Phụ nữ Việt Nam là những người chiến binh thầm lặng trong suốt chiều dài lịch sử, họ chiến đấu bên cạnh nam giới nhưng sự ghi nhận dành cho họ th...
  • Dare to pair!! An Easter Day chocolate pairing!

    While this year's Easter Celebrations may be marred by the loom of the Covid lockdown, there's no reason to gloom! In keeping with the spirit of Easter, let’s look forward to the revival of the economy and our social lives, and take a day out to enjoy Easter! Here at D'art, we've put together a list of Chocolate and wine pairings to do just that!
  • True Love, Real Ruby - Give your love the Gift of the 4th Chocolate in the world this Valentine's day!

    Celebrate true love with us as D’art presents the exclusive launch of Ruby Chocolate in Vietnam in partnership with Ruby Callebaut – the creators of the world’s fourth chocolate.