Tôn vinh nét đẹp phụ nữ Việt Nam cùng BST quà tặng “You are beautiful”

Tôn vinh nét đẹp phụ nữ Việt Nam cùng BST quà tặng “You are beautiful”

When it comes to the beauty of Vietnamese women, we often see descriptive phrases accompanied by the beauty of sacrifice, suffering, and hard work. Over time, those beauties become a stereotype that the beauty of a woman is only encapsulated in sacrifice and gentleness. So does the beauty of Vietnamese women just stop there?

BST quà tặng socola 20/10

From the first day of cherishing the idea of ​​​​the gift collection for Vietnamese women, D'Art Chocolate has maintained its belief in a Vietnamese woman's beauty that is traditional but also modern, gentleness with loved ones, but also no lack of personality when living as themselves. From that meaning, this Vietnam Women's Day 2022, D'Art is honored to bring a collection of sweet and meaningful gifts.

The meaning of the collection "You are beautiful" - Honoring the beauty of Vietnamese women

D'Art Chocolate's "You are beautiful" collection is inspired by the beauty of amethyst. Amethyst is a precious gemstone that can compare to diamond, ruby, sapphire, or emerald. Rumors, these amethyst stones emit powerful energies connected with spirituality, avoid lousy energy, and bring peace, luck, and success to their owner.

BST "You are beautiful" mừng ngày Phụ nữ Việt Nam 20/10

With that noble spiritual meaning, D'Art believes the beauty of Vietnamese women is like amethyst stones, not only gorgeous but also carrying in their values and beauty hidden deep within. Along with that is our message to grandmothers, mothers, aunts, and sisters that we are always beautiful, be confident and live brilliantly, just like chocolate is sour and bitter but hidden deep inside will always be an unforgettable sweetness.

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Featured products in the “You are beautiful” collection

1. Fleur de sel almond chocolate bar

As the highlight of this 20/10 gift collection, the Fleur de sel almond chocolate bar contain a rich chocolate flavor that will melt in your mouth, along with a bit of contrast to the crunchy, fragrant almonds. Combining with Fleur de sel helps to balance the flavor and add attractive sweetness to the chocolate bar.

Thanh socola hạnh nhân fleur de sel


2. Combo 3 boxes of Dragees

When it comes to Dragees, we desire to create new and exciting flavor combinations. We believe that the beauty of chocolate is not only in its own taste but also in its ability to pair well with various ingredients.

BST quà tặng 20/10 - Combo 3 hộp Dragees "You are beautiful"

There are still the favorite Dragees flavors at D'Art, but putting on a "new shirt" will bring you strange sensations and interesting things to enjoy.

3. 4 Bonbons flavors with new and unique designs

Each chocolate of D'Art is created with a lot of enthusiasm, care, and attention from the best chocolatiers, to release not just beautiful chocolates but also hidden sweet and seductive tastes inside.

BST quà tặng 20/10 - Viên socola tươi

This 20/10, D'Art will bring 4 new Bonbons chocolate flavors from taste to design. Surely, this will be a beautiful gift and bring you interesting taste journeys.

4. Art box with the message “You are beautiful”

For those who want to send love messages but are too shy to say them in words, D'Art Chocolate can open the word for you with art chocolate products. With the same sweet 54% dark chocolate flavor, no bitterness, and the message "You are beautiful". It will be a simple but elegant and warm gift.

Hộp Premium - Viên socola tươi và viên nghệ thuật "You are beautiful"

D'Art Chocolate believes that with this 20/10 gift collection, you will find yourself meaningful gifts and express your care to your loved women.

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