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The Year of the Ox is coming - this year is called Golden Ox, only appearing once in 60 years. Golden ox is a symbol of overcoming difficulty and a symbol of prosperity in return for those who are hardworking.

D'Art Chocolate product this year will be built on the idea of the Golden Ox bringing you the gift of prosperity and fortune. After a year with many obstacles, everyone is looking forward to a new year with prosperity and fortune.

You can refer to some products from D'Art Chocolate to choose the best gift for your relatives and friends in spring!

Golden Ox Bar 

With Vietnamese people, having gold in the new year is not merely a tradition – but also a symbol of a year full of luck and good fortune. This year, the Golden Ox brings you a gift of gold, which is believed to protect you from harm and bad luck. A flowing stream of golden caramel texture inside implies that gold and blessings will flow to you like water.

Golden Ox bar

8 Treasures Box

The Eight Treasures Box is another gift from the Golden Ox. Number 8 is the symbol of luck, prosperity and fortune in our tradition. We carry on this tradition with a fine selection of meaningful treasures in our D’Art 8 Treasures Box.

Hop Bat Bao Dart Chocolate

Bonbon Tet

In this special season, we have made a special creation of 3 bonbon sets for your continued success, wealth, and health in the coming year:

The prosperity bonbon comes with a printed greeting for you to achieve more success and fortune in the new year.

The health bonbon ensures your vitality and and health to follow your passion and success in your year ahead.

The family/love bonbon set is decorated with a rosy pink palette. It’s our wish for your happiness and harmony in your relationship. You can buy this set for the upcoming Valentine

Golden Neapolitans

This season, we have created a special 16 Neapolitan set celebrating the 12 zodiacs and the 4 seasons – so no matter who you are, and no matter which season you are in, you will always be blessed with the Gifts of the new Golden Ox year!

Download full brochure here: Golden Ox Brochure

Check out the latest Tet gift boxes from D'Art Chocolate at Golden Ox Collection bạn nhé!

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