Choose the perfect Valentine gifts with D'Art Chocolate

It’s true that the best gift is the most suitable one. Here are some tips that may give you some hints for this occasion.

1. Choosing the best-match Chocolate

First of all, you have to choose a set of chocolate that your partner will enjoy the most. There are many kinds and each of them will bring totally different feelings. 
For those who love something fancy, a set of truffles will be a good choice with beautiful design and colourful artwork

Heart chocolate truffle

 If your partner is a fan of cocoa, who loves its bitterness and the fattiness, a bar of pure chocolate then will satisfy that passion. Or, Neapolitans are another experience that brings the qualified cacao and also the chance to try many different flavours. 

Ruby Chocolate Dart Chocolate
And one more creative way to show how you adorn your love, this year D’Art Chocolate has launched a piece of art for Valentine’s version, “A Heart Full of Love”. We send a message that a long-lasting love requires equality and this special gift could only be opened once both are involved together.

Heart chocolate

2. Perfect Pairings
What do you think about a night full of the chocolate’ sweetness combined with the enchanted smells from candles? Or being embraced by fully-blooming flowers? 
Those extra elements are, however small, so important to create romantic moments. For flowers, roses are legendary but you also can try pink tulips as saying your loved one is so adorable, Carnations for brave and independent girls or Ranunculus for girls who are charming and so attractive that unexpectedly caught your eyes. 
It is demonstrated that external effects bring so much to the human’s feelings; so, pairing the chocolate with other things would make the best of your moments.  

3. Order early for 2021!

This year, Valentine’s day will look a bit different this year as it will be the same as the Lunar New Year holiday. So, we recommend you to place your order soon to ensure the perfect gift delivered to your special one in time.

Remember that for the well-prepared plan, it’d be easier to win her heart. So, do not hesitate to choose the gift right now for the best delivery service. At the same time, you can receive a lot of advice from D’Art Chocolate, a plan tailored just for you both. Quickly order your gift for 14/2 at Valentine collection by D'Art Chocolate!

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