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Squid game - the movie is probably going crazy around the world is now available at D’Art, are you ready to join us? The movie Squid Game is a survival movie that is well received and appreciated all over the world. The film is produced with survival content, reflecting many positive and negative sides in Korean society. All survival games in the movie are inspired by Korean children's childhood games. D'Art wishes to create characters with you on chocolates or lollipops so that you can experience the movie to the fullest. The circle, square, and triangle symbols on the chocolate are also signs that distinguish the ranks of the workers in the Squid Game.
    Circle-wearing workers are the lowest ranking, they must answer to their superiors and can "only speak when spoken to".
    Triangles are placed on the middle rung of the Squid Game hierarchy – they act as armed soldiers.
    Squares are effectively the bosses within the worker's group, they keep their fellow triangles and circles in check and call the shots.
     456 the protagonist of Squid Game, is player number 456 because he was the last person to enter the game. But the number could also represent something else.
     It's one of the characters that make a movie so captivating, and we want you to enjoy the movie not only by watching but also by feeling taste buds in it. Every taste in the chocolate will surprise you, we will take you "in" the movie from sight to taste. Still don’t want to join? Come on, come with us!!

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