Our Chocolate Philosophy - "Made with you in Mind"

Our uncompromising belief of chocolates "made with you in mind" is reflected in all our products. But how do we go about doing it?

Artisanal/fine chocolates vs commercial chocolate

Commercial chocolates may be familiar to most people. Sold mainly at supermarkets, these low-cost chocolates are produced and distributed on a mass scale and is made with bulk commodities cacao. As the cost of cacao is getting more expensive, commercial chocolates may also contain non-cacao butters or chemical additives.

D'art sources only Artisanal grade Chocolates, or fine chocolates, from both Vietnam as well as globally. These Fine Chocolates are characterised by the use of special cacao varieties, with better-quality beans sourced and produced on a much smaller scale, and little to no additives. What you get will be purer, more complex, distinct flavours - perfect for pairing with gourmet food and drinks.


Cacao beans, in their natural form, contains little to no chocolate flavours. The taste is developed through the selection, drying, fermentation, and aging of cacao into Cacao mass and cacao butter. At D'art, only chocolate that meets our founder's expectation of these 4 criterias can begin their journey in our production plant.

We conceptualise, design, produce, and test all our chocolates in our own facilities in Vietnam. Using only top-of-the-line machines imported from Europe, and crafted in small batches - we are able to produce hand-made chocolates that matches European Artisans within Vietnam

Flavours and pairing

Over the years, D'art has worked with International chefs, Patissiers, wine sommeliers, and other gourmet experts in fine-tuning our Chocolates. Therefore, our chocolates have been tested to pair with the finest champagnes and wines, cocktails, coffee, tea, and gourmet food such as caviar, cheeses, seafood, and meats.

For our neapolitan and truffles, we source only fresh, natural ingredients from Vietnam (e.g. Dong Thap Chillis, Ben Tre Coconut, etc) and beyond (Natural Japanese Wasabi, european pink pepper, etc) to create world flavour experiences that is unmatched in Vietnam.

Health and lifestyle

You may have heard that Chocolate is healthy for you - and at D'art we go the extra step to ensure this is true of all our chocolates.

Each D'art chocolate that you put in your mouth is free from preservatives and additives - instead, we extend the chocolate shelf-life through the use of specialised technique to lower moisture or other influences - as well as temperature and humidity control in our facilities, shops, and packaging.

For consumers who are looking for Vegan and Halal-friendly products, our dark chocolates are dairy-free and gluten-free, ensuring your lifestyle is never compromised!

Living with Chocolates

At D'art, we believe that everyone's lifestyle can be enriched with chocolates!

Starting with our farmers - D'art uses only chocolates that are sustainably sourced, and traceable. We are also embarking on a larger program to enable local farmers, and educate consumers on how to choose ethically-sourced chocolates.

For our consumers - we provide free advice, as well as frequent events, on how to enjoy your chocolates. From the proper steps of chocolate appreciation to chocolate pairings, we are always here to help you to incorporate chocolates in your life!